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Craigslist Scraper Tool parses and stores the Craigslist Post Location, PostID, Title, Email, Content etc. This tool can export scrapped data into CSV, XML, SQL, TXT, JSON, HTML :) is a great source of quality, targeted offline clients. It's organized by geography (by state, by region, by city) and by niche. Certain niches have further drill downs—for instance, when browsing furniture listings, you can filter by dealer or owner. You can even drill down by searching specific keywords.

Craigslist Scraper Tool does not pull the Craigslist RSS feeds, actually it will screen scrape the normal Craigslist list pages (like search results list or all ads from a category list), then will visit the actual ad page and screen scrape the contents of the page.

This tool is based on data scraping or screen scraping or web scraping.

Grab Email from CraigsList... ;)

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