a2zVideoAPI WordPress Plugin

a2zVideoAPI WordPress Plugin: https://www.svnlabs.com/blogs/a2zVideoAPI.zip


Plugin Name: a2zVideoAPI widget
Plugin URI: http://svnlabs.com/a2zvideoapi/
Description: a2zVideoAPI allows you to add a sidebar widget to show video from various sites including youtube, dailymotion, google, vimeo, metacafe, blip.tv, hulu, 5min, myspace, ehow, break, flickr etc.
Author: Sandeep Verma
Version: 0.7
Author URI: https://www.svnlabs.com/blogs
Other: Curl must be on your server to use this plugin. This widget tested to latest version of wordpress.


1. Download a2zVideoAPI.zip
2. Extract and upload a2zVideoAPI.php to the plugins/ directory
3. Enable a2zVideoAPI Widget in the Plugin admin panel
4. Place a2zVideoAPI in the sidebar, and edit it to enter the Video URL

Other Links:

Download API: https://www.svnlabs.com/a2zvideoapi/a2zVideoAPI.zip
Download Plugin: https://www.svnlabs.com/blogs/a2zVideoAPI.zip

FaceBook Application: http://apps.facebook.com/atozvideoapi/

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