How to Pass the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Certification Exam

CompTIA is proud to offer the Advanced Security Practitioner Certification Exam for candidates who are nearing the completion of their certification requirements. Passing this exam will validate your skills as an IT professional who has obtained high level security skills as well as competency in the areas of risk management, communications, research and analysis, and other business practices. Although there are no prerequisites, the ideal candidate will have CompTIA Security+ training and at least 5 years of technical experience at the enterprise level.

This exam will contain a maximum of 80 questions that cover the technical concepts and skills related to conceptualizing, designing and engineering solutions in advanced enterprise settings. Examinees will be expected to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to a wide range of security disciplines to suggest and implement solutions that link to enterprise drivers. This exam is only available in English and has a maximum allowable time limit of 150 minutes. Your final score will be based on a Pass/Fail basis.

In addition to prior work experience and following the recommended training guidelines, candidates should prepare for this test by diligent self-study methods. Testslive is a highly effective study aid and exam practice tool that will thoroughly prepare you for the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Certification Exam. Comprehensive notes and accurate exam question simulations are the hallmark of Testslive and are the keys to helping you pass this exam in as short a time as possible.

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