Install Red5Chat

Red5 Media Server is free solution for audio/video streaming. Red5chat is a free video chat plugin for Red5.

Flash Part

Edit the FLA red5Chat.fla and configure these lines:

_root.IP = “xx.yyy.xx.zzz”;

_root.authentificateURL = “http://”+_root.IP+”/red5chat/testlogin.php”;

PHP part

If you use the AUTHENTIFICATION (_root.authentification=true):
– Create tables form create_tables.sql
– edit the PHP/connections folder and setup con1.php to connect the database

RED5 part

– create the chat directory on c:\program files\red5\webapps\
– compile the JAVA and put the classes
– copy “chat” directory to “webapps” of your Red5.
– Restart your Red5.

Example: /usr/share/red5/webapps or /usr/local/red5/webapps


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