LAMP Developer Skills

Here are some basic skills an ideal developer have for growing business….

Technical Skills:

Should have relevant experience on developing and programming interactive applications and websites.
* Should have Customized & developed modules for Oscommerce and Joomla.
* Should have Integrated Custom shipping and Payment Modules.
* Design database and coordinate the UI design.
* Exposure to open source platforms like Drupal, Magento, Moodle, Word Press, V bulletin etc.
* Must have Handled API integrations
* Strong knowledge of web & internet technologies, Skills like LAMP,PHP5, OOP, MySQL, AJAX, CSS, HTML/XHTML standards, CSS, JavaScript (including JSON), JQuery, Prototype & Document Object Model Linux, Web Services, MySQL, Apache, XML MVC Frameworks CakePHP

Required Skills:

* Proficient in Drupal,solid coding abilities within the Drupal framework including custom module development, key contributed modules and the core API
* Proficient in PHP, ideally within a GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL environment.
* LAMP, PHP, mySQL, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, JPath, JSON
* file system, Bitcache, IMCE, Views, Blocks, CCK, Date, Menus, Roles, I18N, L10N
* Proficient in SQL, relational databases and MySQL; skill with tools like phpMyAdmin and the mysql CLI
* sophisticated scripting; complex database queries and construction of hybrid Views
* database administration, including configuration of shared tables
* Proficient in JavaScript and familiar with major JavaScript libraries
* Proficient in the maintenance and administration of Drupal modules and sites
* light server administration, in conjunction with team of network engineers
* site scaling and performance optimization, in conjunction with team of network engineers
* Proficient in hand-coding HTML and tableless CSS
* Thorough understanding and proven implementation of W3C Web Standards
* Experience in GNU/Linux administration
* Experience integrating free software and third party applications into existing systems
* The ability to work within existing infrastructures
* module installation, patching and upgrades, with a focus on security
* strong theming abilities; up-to-date grasp of base themes and best practices
* Ability to work as part of a team, understanding problems from another team member’s perspective, and, when necessary, go above and beyond the job description to work towards a broader team goal

Additional Assets:

* Involvement in and contributions to the Drupal community
* Familiarity with revision control systems such as CVS and Subversion
* Experience enhancing the performance of high*traffic sites
* Experience with AJAX or jQuery
* Experience in working with other frameworks like Zend, cake, codeigniter
* Exposure of various stages of Application Lifecycle Development
* Zend Certified Engineer 5, Zend Certified Zend Framework Engineer
* MySQL Certified Developer
* Debugging skills

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