Magento make easy – part1

Create a dynamic, fully featured, online store with the most powerful open source e-commerce software….

Download Magento from here..

# svn checkout


1. Categories and Attributes
2. Taxes
3. Adding Simple Products
4. Minimum Customization of Your Store’s Appearance
5. Customer Relationships / Configuring customer options
6. Accepting Payment
7. Configure Shipping
8. Fulfilling an Order

The list of requirements..

Linux, Apache web server, SMTP server, PHP 5.2.0 or newer with PDO/MySQL, mcrypt, hash, simplexml, GD, DOM, iconv, MySQL 4.1.20 or newer

Installation guide here…

Make the store’s appearance and organization..
* Add products
* Categorize products
* Create a navigation menu
* Configure payment options
* Configure shipping options
* Configure taxes
* Customize the front page
* Process orders

Magento make easy – part2 comming soon 😉

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