MySQL Related Search (title+tags+description)

What you think? What will be the best option to search related videos in mysql videos table with matching title+tags+description?

Very easy Idea!

# SELECT * FROM `videos` WHERE title LIKE ‘%$title%’ OR tags LIKE ‘%$tags%’ OR description LIKE ‘%$description’;

Full-text Search is a feature introduced to MySQL in version 3.23.23.

You have to add key in videos table for title+tags+description….

# ALTER TABLE `videos` ADD FULLTEXT(`title`,`tags`,`description`);

# SELECT *, MATCH(`title`,`tags`,`description`) AGAINST (“‘.$search_string.'”) as Relevance FROM `videos` WHERE MATCH (`title`,`tags`,`description`) AGAINST(“‘.$search_string.'” IN BOOLEAN MODE) ORDER BY `Relevance` DESC;

# SELECT * FROM `videos` WHERE MATCH (`title`,`tags`,`description`)
AGAINST (‘+myspace -youtube’ IN BOOLEAN MODE);

These SQL will return result automatically sorted by relevancy.

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