Recognize Represent the Parallel Processable Statements in ‘C’ Program

As the world is moving towards faster and reliable technologies, the trend of computing is turning towards parallel processing. High-performance computers are increasingly in demand in the advanced human civilization. Parallel processing has emerged as a key enabling technology in modern computers. For exploitation of parallelism, a theoretical treatment is needed. For this, we have designed a tool that will analyze a ‘C’ program theoretically, given in input by the user, to calculate maximum available parallelism in the program.

The tool processes the ‘C’ program, taken in input and collects the information regarding various types of dependencies i.e. data dependency, control dependency, existing among the instructions. Using this information, tool calculates the maximum achievable parallelism in the execution of the input program. But as we know that the achievable parallelism is always minimum value from software parallelism and hardware parallelism.

Tool to Recognize & Represent the Parallel Processable Statements in ‘C’ Program

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