Upgrade Your App to OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS by October 1st

Reminder- Upgrade Your App to OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS by October 1st

Facebook is going to upgrade Developer API by 1st October 2011. All sites and apps on Facebook will migrate to OAuth 2.0 through this update. This will ensure that users browsing Facebook over HTTPS will have a great experience over a secure connection. We can imagine that these changes will make facebook better and more secure while browsing apps.

Upgrading by 1st October

All websites and canvas apps must support OAuth 2.0.
All Canvas and Page Tab Apps must use the signed_request parameter.
SSL Certificate is required for all Canvas and Page Tab apps.
Users can not use Sandbox mode and not FBML.
Previous versions of our SDKs will stop working.

How to migrate to OAuth 2.0

Implementing the OAuth 2.0 authentication system.
Use latest SDKs – PHP SDK v.3.1.1.
Enable the Encrypted Access Token migration in the Developer App to use the encrypted access token.
Canvas Apps must verify that your app is using the signed_request parameter.

Reminder: Upgrade Your App to OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS by October 1st. In May we announced that all apps on Facebook need to support OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS to make the platform more secure.

All apps, including page tab apps, must migrate to OAuth 2.0 for authentication. The old SDKs, including the old JavaScript SDK (FeatureLoader.js) and old iOS SDK (facebook-iphone-sdk) will no longer work. In addition, non-iframe Canvas and Page Tab apps must support HTTPS and provide a secure canvas or secure page tab URL.

If you haven’t already made these changes, visit the Developer Roadmap before October 1st for more information about how to upgrade your app and avoid having it disabled.
You can also seek support in the Facebook Developer Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fbdevelopers/

Get more help here: FBTerminal or discuss here skype: svnlabs 🙂