SVNLabs Tools

HTML2CSV converts html/xhtml to csv/xls.

VMG2TXT converts Nokia VMG message file to text file.

VCard Parser Extract information from VCard.

HTML2RSS converts html/xhtml to rss/xml feed.

Amazon S3 upload file to Amazon S3 Bucket.

CSV Mapper Import CSV file after adjusting Columns.

JavaScript Twitter Bird

a2zVideoAPI – search videos with page link

EBook Search Engine

Google Map Info Window

PHP Syntax Highlighter.

Backup mysql database to amazon S3.

FBTerminal – Tool to access facebook on command lines

FBTerminal is a command line interface (CLI) for facebook designed in PHP using Facebook Application ID, Secret and Access Token.

It will work on Windows (CMD.exe), Linux/MAC (Terminal).

Right now FBTerminal have limited commands like status update, text post, photo upload etc. FBTerminal will be updated for all basic commands on facebook.

You must have compatible PHP version with setting on server to access FBTerminal.

# php -r “echo phpversion();”
# php -r “echo ini_get(‘allow_url_fopen’);”

Code sample how FBTerminal trace command line

Code sample to upload photos

Photos are in folder

Linux Version


Windows Version


FBTerminal can be used in various application that need seamless integration of facebook from backends.
FBTerminal is useful in viral marketing on facebook.
FBTerminal can be used for backup facebook data to server’s file system.