What is the Difference Between Shoutcast and Icecast?

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Shoutcast Server

Icecast Server

Plus Point – Your radio and online stream will be listed in the Shoutcast directory where you can find online radio stations and Internet radio from around the world. – Do OPOCE to deny access to certain IP addresses to your live stream.

– Easy to use and very robust.

– Icecast streaming server uses Mountpoint which means that on the same account (server) can run in multiple streams of different quality. The advantage Mountpoint most sense if you use a combination of Auto DJ and live streaming. Unlike Shoutcast will not have to manually interrupt the Auto DJ to grace the live stream for Icecast is done automatically. – Ogg format supported streaming although here the format is not so popular.

– You can protect your passwords from the stream.

– Better support for video streaming.

– Icecast is open source software with frequent updejtovima. Anyone can develop Icecast server.



Minus Point – If you want to include and use the Auto DJ options in combination with live streaming then you will have the first DJ to stop the car before you can continue to live streaming. – Shoutcast is not opensource and is owned by AOL.

– Shoutcast server has frequent Updates.

– Directory of online radio stations is not nearly as popular as the Shoutcast directory. – Is not primarily intended for beginners in the world live streaming.


The conclusion is that most users will choose the Shoutcast server. However, if you will use a combination of Auto DJ and live streaming Icecast then certainly a better choice. Radiolive offers both options to their customers. Perhaps it is good to note that though most of our users use Shoutcast streaming server.


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