Live Broadcast in Joomla

Live Broadcast in Joomla enable customers to stream using VLC/FMLE live camera from remote server to end user clients in different format like Flash, Windows, iPhone, iPad, QuickTime, Android and HTML5.

Requirement: To setup a publishing point for Live streaming in a hosted VLC/FMLE Server and create an embed code using Web Based Player or similar.

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1. Broadcast Live Camera Stream from remote server in different format using VLC/FMLE.
2. Setup Publishing Point on Joomla Server to record and stream using web based players.
3. Quality vs Size Consideration.
4. Encode video streams in multiple formats.
5. Multiple PlayList Formats and VOD Support.
6. Live Video Plugin “[video:/video_file_location/]” for Joomla Content Editor.
7. Media Stream HOTLINK Protection.

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Remote Secure Token
How to prevent downloading and leeching media files

We are Joomla Plugins, Components, Modules developers and enable customers to manage there media using Joomla CMS easily 😉

We are happy to assist in Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Wowza, Red5, FMS, WMS integration with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x

Joomla Development
IDE: Eclipse
Server: VLC Player, FMLEncoder, MPlayer, Video Encoder, Live Streamer
Client: WM Player, Mobile Players, Web Players
Language: PHP
Other: Joomla Plugins Components Themes modules, jQuery, Flash, HTML5

Key Features
Graphics: We provide good GUI/HTML approved by W3C for joomla applications, HTML5 is on demand development.
Database: We will provide optimized database (MySQL etc.) for various joomla applications.
Content: The content API is used to manage data access and publishing by providing services for dealing with resources,
content providers, and packages.

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