HTML5 MP3 Player for iPad

HTML5 <audio> the element enable native audio playback within the browser. It supports all browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera.

HTML5 MP3 player also support iOS & Android Devices… HTML5 MP3 Demo

HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist just in $25

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HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist, Repeat, Random, Stream Seek, Volume Control, Timer, Next, Previous, Play-Pause option.

We are expert in media streaming services. We already worked on wowza, red5, amazon s3, amazon cloud front, MaxCDN, Google App Engine etc.

We also worked on web security plugin for wowza, local, remote HTTP / RTMP / MMS files 🙂

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Remote Secure Token

Compile or build flowplayer or jwplayer to create secure token for wowza server

iPad compatible scrollable playlist

Fallback for all Browsers & iOS

Wowza MediaSecurity AddOn Package


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