IPTV Setup

We can use a USB TV tuner card to watch TV on Laptop or PC. Actually TV tuner has an RCA connection that takes the TV signal to the TV. We took that RCA cable and put in a TV capture card.

We can use some Software/Middleware i.e TVHome Media3, Beetel USB TV Tuner Card, Honestech TVR 2.5 TV tunner card.

1. Satellite Signal –>> RCA Cable –>> USB TV tuner –>> Red5/Wowza 🙁

IPTV System

DVI -> HDMI Satellite Signal splitter can’t split the signal into channels.

2. Satellite Signal –>> DVB-S Card –>> Mumudvb Software –>> Red5/Wowza 🙂

We must have satellite receiver which is capable of decoding the signal and output to TV in form of HDMI cable. The output signal to TV is then able to be moved from 1 channel to another on the TV.

MumuDVB is the software needed to catch/scan satellite signal and restream it to Media Server Like Wowza or Red5. MumuDVB use Multicast4 protocol for different channel frequencies and assign each stream to particular IP and Port. Those stream URLs can be used further for Re-Streaming.

Channel number : 0, name : “Pro TV International” service id 7778
Info: Main: Multicast4 ip : 239.xx.0.0:1234
Info: Main: Unicast : Channel accessible via the master connection,
Info: Main: Unicast : Channel accessible directly via
Info: Main: Channel number : 1, name : “Channel Name” service id 7778


We are providing software service for IPTV Stream / Restream. phpMyStream is media re-stream panel, it use FFmpeg & rtmpdump linux utilities to take source as input then publish to other server like Red5 or Wowza.

3. Stalker IPTV middleware

Stalker Middleware makes possible a fast and efficient launch of IP-network video services. Stalker Middleware is free open source and updates regularly with Numerous new functions.

4. Create IPTV Roku TV Channel

– Sign up as developer account
– Download SDK
– Start with Developer Guide
– Review BrightScript Reference and Component Reference
– Modify the Hello world example to create sample channel with xml feeds
– Review the Roku Guidelines and “Publishing Checklist”
– Submit your channel for publishing by Roku

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