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BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education.

BigBlueButton API in PHP can be used to integrate BBB in PHP websites or Applications.

Google Code for BBB | BigBlueButton — Open Source Web Conferencing

Main file for BigBlueButton Configurations

Simple steps:

# cd xxx/BigBlueButton-client
# ant localization

the command will compile the src/locale, to different swf file, take en_US for example

in src/locale there is another folder named en_US
in this folder you will see a properties file named

every time you want to change something in this file, just edit it as your willing, then use ant localization, it will make the en_US_resources.swf

just copy this file to the var/www/bigbluebutton/locale 😉

bbb.mainshell.copyrightLabel2 = (c) 2011, BigBlueButton build {0} – For more information see


# Default welcome message to display when the participant joins the web
# conference. This is only used for the old scheduling which will be
# removed in the future. Use the API to create a conference.
defaultWelcomeMessage=<br>Welcome to<br><br>For help <a href="event:"><u>click here</u></a>.<br><br>

# This URL is where the BBB client is accessible. When a user sucessfully
# enters a name and password, she is redirected here to load the client.

# Assign URL where the logged-out participant will be redirected after sign-out.
# If commented-out, it returns to bigbluebutton.web.serverURL

After All Modifications just restart BBB 😉

# bbb-conf –restart

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