Media Streaming

We enable customers with advanced capabilities to manage, deliver and monitor audio, video, and multimedia content over the Internet. Streaming Media Services includes Adobe Flash, Wowza, Red5, Microsoft’s Windows Media, Apple’s QuickTime Media, RealNetworks’ RealMedia, MP3 and Java Streaming, with Streaming Media Hosting’s proprietary technologies and robust online management tools, to provide customers with a level of simplicity, and features unparalleled in the Industry.

Media Streaming Services
1. Video Streaming/Encoding
2. Audio Streaming/Encoding
3. Radio/FM Streaming
4. VOD (Video on Demand) using Wowza or AWS S3 + CloudFront
5. CDN (Content Delivery Network) including Amazon S3, EdgeCast
6. Media Server Setup including Red5, Wowza, Union, Adobe, Kaltura
7. Webinars using BigBlueButton, DimDim, OpenMeetings, VideoWhisper

Red5 Video Recorder with YouTube Upload Using Zend GData

RED5 Cam Recorder

Red5Chat on Red5 CentOS 5.6 (Final) Server

Wowza Streams Management

SHOUTCast + SAMCast + Line in source + Metadata Stream = Online Radio FM

SHOUTcast broadcasting tools allow you to broadcast your audio content online and become part of one of the largest directory of radio stations on the web.

SAMCast – Broadcast any sound playing over your soundcard, mic or line-in over the internet! Features MP3, mp3PRO, AAC, Ogg and advanced WM9 streaming (Windows Media 9).
Capture from sound card, microphone or line-in and stream it to online listeners, all in real-time. SAM Cast lets you immediately connect with online audience.

* Stream on major online servers like SHOUTcast 2.0, IceCast, Windows Media and Wowza
* Get real-time statistics on SHOUTcast 2, IceCast, Live365, Windows Media and Wowza
* Stream in multiple formats at multiple bitrates
* Find out how many listeners you have in real-time
* Load metadata into your stream

Console Output from Serial Port COM1

Meta Data Stream not working with SHOUTCast
1. Configuration of SHOUTCast & SAMCast with CONF files (sc_serv / sc_trans)…
2. Ports 80|COM1|Line-in, Firewall issue…

There are 2 type of Scripting available JavaScript or VBScript…. Push meta data to Shout Cast from SAM Cast server 😀

How to update song/stream/source metadata?

SHOUTCast Stream support Winamp, VLC, Windows media, iTunes and other similar players.

VLC Player


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Stream live audio events anytime, anywhere…