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Article / Content Spinning is a search engine optimization technique to provide unique relevant content on sites / blogs. Spinning is a process for rewriting existing articles.

If the original articles are plagiarized and used without the permission of copyright owner, Spinning produce multiple versions of original writing to protect contents being copied to other sites in different format.

SEO Expert believe that Content Spinner is good option for fresh and unique content on websites, Think! if you have different title, different summary and different article body then Google’s content filter might approve your article submissions and backlinks. 🙂

Article spinning can be used to produce article variations from one SEED Article, so many SEO Experts use spun articles for off site promotional efforts.

Article Spinning Content

{{WOAAH!||VVOAAH}} {{I||l}} {{cant||can’t}} believe that {{you||u}} can {{actually||actualy}} {{see||check}} who {{is||ls}} {{viewing||checking}} {{your||ur}} {{profile!||profille}} {{I||l}} just {{checked||saw}} my top 10 viewers and {{Im||lm}} Shocked at WHO is still viewing it! You can also {{see||check it}} here –>

Article Spinners use PHP functions like:

1. String Based Functions
2. Pattern Based Function

$pattern = “/{[^}]*}/”;
$subject = $fullstring;

preg_match_all($pattern, $fullstring, $matches);

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