Install Red5 on Google Compute Engine

Yesterday we have installed basic web server (apache, php, mysql) on Google Compute Engine. Today our target is to install Red5 on Ubuntu server for Google Compute Engine.

First we need to check Java version installed on Google Compute Engine

$ java -version
The program ‘javac’ can be found in the following packages:

* default-jdk
* ecj
* gcj-4.6-jdk
* openjdk-6-jdk
* gcj-4.5-jdk
* openjdk-7-jdk
Ask your administrator to install one of them

Now you have to install java using

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install java-package
# sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk
$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

Install Ant

$ sudo apt-get install ant

Install Subversion

$ sudo apt-get install subversion

You can download latest Red5 from here

$ sudo wget
$ sudo tar xvfz red5-1.0.0.tar.gz
$ sudo mv red5-1.0.0 red5
$ sudo mv red5 /usr/share/

Now try to run Red5 Server

$ cd /usr/share/red5
$ sudo sh

Yeah! Firewall always block you to access red5 port 5080 so please allow port 5080 & 1935 using below commands

$ gcutil addfirewall red5 –description=”Let open port 5080.” –allowed=”tcp:5080″

$ gcutil addfirewall rtmp –description=”Let open 1935 rtmp port.” –allowed=”tcp:1935″

$ sudo sh

Check Red5 is running

$ sudo netstat -ant
Find port 5080 Listening

Now try http://your-server-address:5080 in a web-browser.

Red5 on Google Compute Engine
Red5 on Google Compute Engine

Install oflaDemo from installer http://your-server-address:5080/installer/ then check 😉

Red5 Demo on Google Compute Engine - Port Tester
Red5 Demo on Google Compute Engine – Port Tester

Install Webmin on Google Compute Engine

$ sudo wget
$ sudo gunzip webmin-1.610.tar.gz
$ sudo tar xf webmin-1.610.tar
$ sudo cd webmin-1.610
$ sudo ./ /usr/local/webmin

Open port 10000 using gcutil addfirewall

$ gcutil addfirewall webmin –description=”Let coordinator and snitches chatter.” –allowed=”tcp:10000″

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