MySQL open files limit

Upgrade Migration – Kaltura CE 4.0 to 5.0

I was migrating Kaltura from CE 4.0 to 5.0 but following MySQL error made me unhappy 🙁

One or more prerequisites required to install Kaltura failed:
Please set ‘open_files_limit >= 20000’ in my.cnf and restart MySQL (current value is 1024)

# ulimit -a | grep “open files”

# ulimit -n (get and set user limit on resources)

mysql> show variables like ‘open_file%’;

The open file limit is an important variable for performance when MySQL server has to open several files at once. If open_files_limit is set to a lower value then MySQL query might fail causing other problems or might take too long to execute.

Then I have changed /etc/my.cnf

I had put the open_files_limit line in the [mysqld_safe] section, but it seems that section is no longer used. So, I have Moved all config options to [mysqld]

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