PHP Proxy Script

Glype web-based proxy provides a proxy service to users via a web browser. A proxy service downloads requested web pages bypassing censorship and restrictions and forwards to the user..

Glype Proxy Script

  • Free for personal use and affordable licensing options for commercial use.
  • Source Viewable and webmasters may modify the source code subject to the terms of the license.
  • Plug and Play. Simply upload, configure and go!
  • Admin Control Panel for easy management and configuration.
  • JavaScript Support provides increased compatibility with websites.
  • Skinable. A theme system allows for customization of your proxy.
  • Access Controls blacklist users by IP address and websites by domain name.
  • BlockScript™ Integration protects the proxy by blocking specificed countries, filtering companies, malicious traffic, bots and spiders, and more.
  • Unique URLs provide greater privacy by expiring URLs in the browser history at the end of a browsing session.
  • Plugins allow for easy installion of site-specific modifications. Useful for adding new functionality to websites.
  • Advanced Options let users change their user-agent and referrer, manage cookies, and remove JavaScripts and Flash.
  • The script requires PHP5 (or greater) with cURL enabled.

Proxy Script

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