Recording Videos from Games with Movavi Game Capture

Have you ever wanted to be able to record footage of a game that you’re playing, so that you could show off your prowess and skills to your friends, or perhaps even create game guides of your own? In fact you may even want to compile some of your epic victories and best achievements, and then share it on social media or some other platform.

Game Cpature

Assuming any of that sounds appealing, the first thing that you’ll need is a way to record in-game footage – which is exactly what Movavi Game Capture can provide. As you can undoubtedly guess based on its name it is a specialized game recorder that is designed to let you capture high quality footage from any game.

Setting up Movavi Game Capture is exceedingly simple, due to its clean and intuitive interface. Once you launch the software you’ll see an interface with two main tabs – ‘Capture’ and ‘Video’.

In the ‘Capture’ tab you will be able to configure exactly what type of video you’d like to record. So long as the ‘Capture mode’ is set to ‘Game’, you can start recording in-game at any point by simply pressing the F10 key – and then stop it by doing the same. When the recording is done the video will automatically be saved to your hard drive in MP4 format, and you can view it later on.

By default Movavi Game Capture will record any in-game audio and the speaker icon in its interface should be highlighted to indicate as much. Right beside it are two other icons, that you can use to set it to record audio from a microphone (in case you want to add commentary) or record video from a webcam.

If you opt to record video from a webcam, Movavi Game Capture will let you place the webcam footage in a small window within the in-game footage. Via its settings you can adjust the size, resolution, position and frame rate of the webcam video. Alternatively you could choose to save the webcam video footage as a separate file, and can do the same to the audio tracks as well – which may be easier for editing purposes.

Aside from that the ‘Video’ tab will let you adjust the parameters for the video that you’re creating – including the resolution, frame rate and video quality. It should be noted that the higher the quality, the larger the file size – so be sure you have sufficient space to save it.

As you can see it is really very easy to record in-game footage with the help of Movavi Game Capture. In fact if you want you could just launch the software and use the hotkeys to record videos almost immediately. At the same time it does have a high degree of customization available, so if you prefer you could just as easily adjust practically every aspect of the recording to suit your needs.