Install libpurple with PHP

libpurple is intended to be the core of an IM program.

This libpurple PHP binding, which defines a set of internal classes, gives a possibility to use aol and icq (oscar), yahoo, msn, jabber, irc and much more protocols directly from PHP. Write your own IM chat client in PHP, as simply as PHP enables it.

Download latest version of “phurple” from here
# yum install pidgin
# yum install libpurple-devel
# wget
# bunzip2 phurple-0.4.0-alpha.tar.bz2; tar xvf phurple-0.4.0-alpha.tar
# cd phurple-0.4.0-alpha
# phpize && ./configure –enable-phurple && make
# make install

Now we find in /usr/lib/php/modules…
Make a phurple.ini in /etc/php.d add extention in it 😉


Phurple Reference: