Youtube / Vimeo embed resizer

Resizes a Youtube / Vimeo embed code from a Template variable with the variables given in the snippet call…

1- Create a new Snippet and call it  videoresizer
2- Copy – paste the content of videoresizer.snippet.txt on your new snippet
3- Enjoy!

Example: [[videoresizer? &id='[*id*]’ &width=’300′ &height=’350′ &my_tv=’video’]]


//    Snippet Name: videoresizer
//    Snippet variables: id , width, height, my_tv (all required)
//    --Requires Getfield Snippet--
//    Example:  [[videoresizer? &id=`[*id*]` &width=`300` &height=`350` &my_tv=`video`]]

$video=$modx->runSnippet("getField", array('docid'=>$id,'field' =>$my_tv));

$embed = preg_replace('/(width)=("[^"]*")/i', 'width=$width', $video);
$embed = preg_replace('/(height)=("[^"]*")/i', 'height=$height', $embed);

echo $embed;

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