Capturing Favorite Audio Clips from a Mac with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Do you have certain audio clips that you’d like to record using your Mac? That includes bits from a movie or TV show soundtrack, or perhaps even music tracks or audiobooks that are being streamed.

Regardless of what type of audio clip you want to capture, Movavi Screen Capture for Mac will give you what you need to record it. Essentially it is a screen recorder, but because it has the capability to record the system audio, it can record any audio clips from your Mac.

Screen Capture for Mac

To start capturing a clip, just set it up by following these steps:

1. Launch Movavi Screen Capture for Mac and select ‘Record screen’ in the main menu.
2. Click anywhere on the screen to set the capture area (it doesn’t matter since you won’t be saving the video anyway).
3. Make sure the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted so that audio from your speakers is captured. Additionally you can click on the ‘Microphone’ icon to highlight it as well if you’d like to record audio from it too.
4. Click ‘REC’ when you want to start recording and play the audio clip at the same time.
5. Click ‘Stop’ when the audio clip is done.
6. Click ‘Save as’ then select ‘More presets’ and scroll to the ‘Video and audio’ section where you’ll find a variety of audio formats including MP3, AAC and so on. Just choose one and click ‘Save’.

By following these steps you’ll be able to record computer audio on Mac quite easily. Right before you save the audio clip that you recorded, Movavi Screen Capture for Mac will even let you trim out any unnecessary parts that may have been inadvertently recorded. All you need to do is position the marker and use the ‘scissors’ icon to split the track at that point, then you can select and delete it with the ‘trash can’ icon.

It is worth noting that if you want to capture video footage from your screen along with your audio clip then Movavi Screen Capture for Mac will let you fully control any of the recording parameters you desire. That includes setting the capture area, frame rate, and even choosing to record keyboard and mouse actions by displaying them clearly on-screen.

All said and done if you want to save an audio book, song, or any other audio that is being streamed online or played on your Mac – you now have the means to do so. In fact if you explore Movavi Screen Capture for Mac you’ll find that you can do much more than that, and it won’t take you long to fully familiarize yourself with its capabilities.