Tips for Utilising Visual Content Marketing to Generate Traffic and Convert

Visual content marketing is now an indispensable part of any marketing campaign on social media and the internet in general. When used successfully, it can attract the attention of your target audience, thereby increasing web traffic and consequently, the rate of conversion. Before you launch your next visual content marketing campaign, go through the following points to make sure that you are utilising the tools at your disposal in the best possible way.

Royalty Free Photo

Royalty Free Photo

Animated Visual Content

It has been proven that videos with audio guidance can get a point across faster than any other medium. Well designed and creative animated marketing videos from an award winning agency like Spiel Studios have a very high rate of success in terms of customer engagement. This is a tool to explain what you do and how you do it to your target audience without spending a great deal of money in shooting a fully-fledged video ad. Additionally, it has been found that most people would rather watch a short animated ad, while skipping regular long video ads.

Embedded Call-to-Action Button

It is preferable that all your visual marketing campaign has call-to-action buttons. If a potential customer is interested in what he/she sees, wouldn’t it be best if the content that managed to grab interest in the first place, had an in-built call to action button? This is another simple trick to make sure that the traffic you are generating has a higher rate of conversion. Whatever you are selling, the embedded call-to-action button should lead the interested user straight to the target page.

Utilise All Social Media

Marketing campaigns on Facebook is a good idea, but you should also expand the same to Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. However, depending on the particular social media platform, the format may have to be altered accordingly. Make use of the marketing tools made available by the developers of these sites. For example, Facebook has an amazing and effective demographics tool that you can make use of to individually select the profiles that you want to target with your campaign.

Get More Out of Your Images and Photos

By far, images and photos are the most effective mediums when it comes to blogging or social media marketing. People may not see the whole video or could skip reading an article, but they always take a look at an image because it’s engaging and it takes less than a second to do so. Keep the cover picture the same across all social networks to empower brand recognition and customer connection. Instead of using generic images from the web or images exclusive to other sites, use unique pictures and GIF images of your own. Tagging people and inviting them to provide captions for a photo you just uploaded is a good way to engage and connect with people online.

The secret to a successful visual content campaign lies in never appearing as an advertisement and never asking or demanding. The message should be clear and the call-to-action should be an offer. Keep it short, entertaining and never forget about what the goal of the campaign is.