VaR Cloud Application

SaaS built using a PaaS (Google App Engine) and using IaaS (Amazon EC2)

Cloud Hosting & Development

Tools: Amazon EC2 AMI Tools, AWS Management Console, Elasticfox, S3Fox, CloudBerry S3 Explorer
IDE: Eclipse
Language: PHP, Python, Perl, Java
Other: Putty, WinSCP, VMWare, VirtualBox

Key Features
Cloud Hosting: To provide best hosting services using different cloud architecture like AWS, RackSpace etc.
Scaling: is tool used to provide scalable mission critical applications.
Backup: Amazon S3, EBS and RSynch are most used services for backup data and server AMIs.
Monitoring: Amazon CloudWatch provides monitoring for AWS cloud resources and the applications customers run on AWS.
Load Balancing: Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances.
Storage: Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery.
Database: Amazon SimpleDB is a highly available, flexible, and scalable non-relational data store that offloads the work of database
administration. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a
relational database in the cloud.

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