Importing data from non-wordpress mysql database

You have to create an import php file to get the Questions/Answers from a non-wordpress database and bring them into posts in wordpress.

Question Table


/// non-wordpress database connection string here


$results = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM questions");

while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($results)) 

    $post_information = array(
	'post_title' => wp_strip_all_tags( $row['question'] ),
	'post_content' => $row['answer'],
	'post_category' =>  array(6,7), // Cat Ids
	'post_date' => date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime( $row['timestamp'] )),
	'post_type' => "post",
	'post_excerpt' => "",
	'post_author' => "admin",
	'post_status' => "publish"
	$post_id = wp_insert_post( $post_information );		
	$filename = "";   ////  Post Thumbnail Image
	$wp_filetype = wp_check_filetype(basename($filename), null );
	$attachment = array(
	  'post_mime_type' => $wp_filetype['type'],
	  'post_title' => preg_replace('/\.[^.]+$/', '', basename($filename)),
	  'post_content' => '',
	  'post_status' => 'inherit'
	$attach_id = wp_insert_attachment( $attachment, $filename, $new_post );
	add_post_meta($post_id, '_thumbnail_id', $attach_id, true);



HTML5 MP3 Player with Folder Feedburner Playlist

WordPress and Standalone HTML5 MP3 Music Player with Playlist for MP3 Folder / Feedburner XML compatible with iOS, Android and supports all browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera!

Read MP3 Folder URL

MP3 Folder Index
MP3 Folder Index

This plugin can read MP3 folder like and automatically create dynamic horizontal & vertical playlist

MP3 Folder with song’s index list (public) or (private)

Read Feedburner URL

This plugin can read feedburner url like and automatically create dynamic horizontal & vertical playlist


Folder: MP3 Songs folder or Feedburner XML
Prev / Loop / Next in playlist
Embed full playlist
Customize social link

Paid Features

Self hosted player files
Best support on email
Download songs option
MP3 Song’s information using ID3 Tags
Customize Social Share on Facebook & Twitter
Volume Control
Embed Code Option

Demo: Try sample MP3 Folder Playlist here

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 Player plugin that allows you to link to your amazon S3 bucket and sets up a HTML5 Player playlist (horizontal or vertical). This plugin will support MP3 files only.

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player is not associated in any way to

Get Self Hosted Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player for WordPress just in $24

You will need an amazon account to use this.

AWS access info

Add your amazon information amazon key and amazon secret key. Then just add the bucket to your account add folders.

Make sure you have public permission for all your music in your S3 buckets and folders.

Shortcode for Page or Post

[html5aws3mp3 player=”horizontal” bucket=”BUCKET” endpoint=”BUCKET-ENDPINT” folder=”FOLDER/”]

Plugin Page

Amazon S3 Error Handling

AWS CloudFront with PHP

Create sub buckets on amazon s3

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player is not associated in any way to

Pay Per Plugin for HTML5 Media

The Pay Per Media Plugin is embedded stand-alone, e-commerce-powered JavaScript and iFramed widget.


1. Delivers on-demand audios / videos / books
2. PayPal with sandbox support
3. Supports Preview and Full Media using JW Player
4. No Popups
5. JavaScript and i-Frame widgets
6. Tracks user’s payment using PayPal Transaction ID
7. XML based media management
8. Widget customization for size and color
9. Supports video ads on cue points

Widget customization for size and color

Pay Per Media Plugin can be used on any web page including Facebook Fan Page. Pay Per Media Plugin uses PayPal store owner email account for payment.

Easy switch from PayPal Sandbox to Live PayPal

Screen 1


Screen 2

Online Gaming

Games on Demand for WordPress helps to integrate Game’s data using MySQL Data and API.

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We will be happy to assist for adding new games to our free online games collection every day.

Free Games:

Red5 Recorder for WordPress

Red5 Recorder allows wordpress users to easily use Red5 Recorder Player on their website to record Video / Audio Streams.

End Screen that will show Try Again & Submit Button to get recorded Stream in FLV Format.

Get Self Hosted Red5 Recorder for WordPress

HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist for WordPress

=== HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist ===
Contributors: Sandeep Verma
Donate link:
Tags: html5, mp3 player, playlist, audio, audio player

Requires at least: 1.5
Tested up to: 3.3.1
Stable tag: 1.07

Allows WordPress users to easily use HTML5

== Installation ==

1. Copy html5mp3playlist.php into your wordpress plugins folder, normally located
in /wp-content/plugins/

2. Login to WordPress Admin and activate the plugin

A HTML5 playlist player can be embedded in a post using a tag of the following


e.g. [html5mp3playlist:] (Coming Soon)

You can also set global options in the html5 mp3 playlist option menu.

== Screenshots ==
1. html5 mp3 playlist player.

Integrate HTML5 MP3 Player with XML based Playlist just in $25

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.

== Support ==
For support please visit

== Changelog ==

Valentine’s Day express love with your website

Express love with your website on Saint Valentine’s Day.

Fan Page on Facebook

WordPress Plugin

Add to Your Fan Page Tab 

Work hard, but make time for your love, and family. Nobody remembers PowerPoint presentations on ur dying day…. 🙁

jQuery Notification with Sound Alert

Today, I was searching for jQuery Notification Plugin with Sound Alert 🙂

But, could not find any good plugin as per my requirements 🙁
So, I just merged 2 javascript codes to make a custom notification plugin.

<object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000"
<embed src="wavplayer.swf?gui=none&h=1&w=1&sound=success.wav&"

You can customize this javascript plugin as per your need 😉

Thanks to…

Once you start a working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest.