Install Admin Panel in Red5

Hope you already read our previous articles for installing Red5 on different cloud based servers…

You can access Red5 Admin Panel after successful install of Red5 Server using


Check if you have access to http://your-ip-address:5080/admin/ ??

Red5 Admin Panel
Red5 Admin Panel

You must double check admin application is installed in Red5 Home (i.e. /usr/share/red5/webapps) or not?

Red5 Home Folder
Red5 Home Folder

If you could not find Red5 Admin Application in /usr/share/red5/webapps .. then you need to install admin panel ….

Install Admin Panel in Red5

# cd /usr/local/red5
# mkdir plugins
# cd plugins
# wget
# unzip -d /usr/local/red5/plugins

Download admin.jsp

# cd /usr/local/red5/webapps
# mkdir admin
# cd admin
# wget

Restart Red5 Server
# cd /usr/local/red5
# ./ &


# service red5 restart (if you have red5 service enabled)

Register admin user here


Red5 Admin First Time
Red5 Admin First Time

Login to Red5 admin panel


Red5 Admin Panel Live Application
Red5 Admin Panel Live Application
Red5 Admin Live Application Clients
Red5 Admin Live Application Clients

Kaltura Red5 iOS Live Streams Setup

We have a plugin that can be used for streaming kaltura live red5 rtmp to mobile devices.

Kaltura Red5 Live Plugin take below data to segment live video stream

– Red5 Live Video RTMP Stream Link
– Red5 Stream Name
– Publishing Folder
– Publishing Link

Configure Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5
Configure Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5

The Main feature of this plugin to show live RTMP streams using Adobe FMLE, on computers using the Kaltura Player and HTML5 player on mobile devices using M3U8 video iOS compatible format.

– Capture Red5 live kaltura stream for FFMpeg Segmentation
– Manage Segmented Clips in M3U8 format
– Stream iOS compatible video to iPhone / iPad in HTML5 Player
– Track Analytic / Stats for live stream in HTML5 Player
– Embed code for HTML5 Player
– Track process log

Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5
Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5
KMC - content - manage
KMC – content – manage

Process Log Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5

Process Log Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5
Process Log Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5

Embed Code Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5

Embed Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5
Embed Live Stream for Mobile on Kaltura Red5

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Kaltura Live Red5 CAM RTMP to iOS (iPhone or iPad). Get more help for HTTP Live Video Stream Segmenter and Distributor Contact Us

RTMP (Red5) -> FFMpeg -> Segementer -> .ts files -> iOS (m3u8)

Cross Browser Flash Detection in Javascript

Option 1:

<script type="text/javascript">


      if (navigator.mimeTypes ["application/x-shockwave-flash"] == undefined)
        alert("Flash is not insalled on your Web browser.");
        alert("Flash is insalled on your Web browser.");



Option 2: JavaScript Flash Detection Library (Flash Detect)

<script src="flash_detect.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript"> 
        alert("Flash is not insalled on your Web browser.");         
        alert("Flash is insalled on your Web browser.");


Option 3: SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file


To detect whether a browser has the flash plugin, first load the SWFObject library, then:

    if (swfobject.getFlashPlayerVersion().major) {
        alert("Flash is insalled on your Web browser.");
    } else {
        alert("Flash is not insalled on your Web browser.");

Other SWFObject functions:
swfobject.getFlashPlayerVersion().major is the major version
swfobject.getFlashPlayerVersion().minor is the point release
swfobject.getFlashPlayerVersion().release is the build number


Option 4: jQuery SWFObject

if (!$.flash.hasVersion('9')) {
 //has Flash
 alert("Flash is insalled on your Web browser.");
else {
 alert("Flash is not insalled on your Web browser."); 

Wowza Live Audio Video Mixing

Wowza doesn’t do transcoding. So, we highly recommend to use FOSS solutions

Where we need Wowza Live Audio Video Mixing?

1) Live event is broadcasting through Wowza
2) We need a multi lingual setup somewhere and comment or transcode that live event with voice.
3) Flash client might receive the stream where
Output Video Stream = Video of live event + Audio transcoder (multi lingual human voice)

Modern IP cameras provide RTP/RTSP/RTMP with MPEG, MPEG4 or h.264 encoded stream for broadcasting through Wowza.

We might need a RTP/RTSP/RTMP client to decoder and manipulate streams then re-encode stream and serve it over standard protocol like RTP/RTSP/RTMP.

Best Solution should use Xuggler to serve streams to Flash. Media Server might be Wowza or Red5.

Xuggler is the easy way to uncompress, modify, and re-compress any media file (or stream) from Java.

Xuggler in Action: A free open-source library for Java developers to uncompress, manipulate, and compress recorded or live video in real time.


Mixing audio and video with ffmpeg

Mixing audio with video file without audio track
# ffmpeg -i audio-file.mp3 -i video-file.avi -acodec copy -vcodec copy output-file.avi

Mixing audio with video file with existing audio track.
# ffmpeg -i audio-file.mp3 -i video-with-audio.avi -acodec copy -vcodec copy output-file.avi -map 0.0 -map 1.0

-map -> the output file would contain two streams audio and video.

Contact us for Live Audio Video Mixing.

Email: svnlabs[at]
Skype: svnlabs
MSN: svnlabs[at]

Adobe Flash ExternalInterface issues with Internet Explorer

I was working for HTML5 Audio.js Player… I really like calling ExternalInterface when using SWFObject on Windows XP IE 8. You can’t use an actionscript callback for a certain set of keywords (“play”, “stop”, “tags”, “item”, “length” etc.) will break in IE and cause a javascript error.

Object doesn’t support this property or method

public function audiojs():void {

this.playerInstance = root.loaderInfo.parameters.playerInstance+’.’;

ExternalInterface.addCallback(‘init’, init);
ExternalInterface.addCallback(‘load’, load);
ExternalInterface.addCallback(‘playPause’, playPause);
ExternalInterface.addCallback(‘pplay‘, play);
ExternalInterface.addCallback(‘ppause‘, pause);
ExternalInterface.addCallback(‘skipTo’, skipTo);
ExternalInterface.addCallback(‘setVolume’, setVolume);’loadStarted’);

IE doesn’t allow a method named play() to be exposed through ExternalInterface, so lets go with pplay().
Use ppause() for consistency with pplay(), even though it isn’t really required.

Avoid common names like play & pause when using ExternalInterface Call. 😉

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Compare Flash Media Server, Wowza and Red5

Feature Flash Media Server Wowza Media Server Red5
Protocols RTMP
















Pricing Find here Find here Free (Open Source)
Platforms Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 with Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2008

Linux® Red Hat® 4 or 5.2

Runs as a 32-bit software on both 32- and 64-bit operating systems.


Mac OS X




64-bit Support on all

IPv6 Support






Action Method Format 3 (AMF3) AMF3(Uni-directional ) AMF3(Bi-directional ) AMF3
Live and On-demand Audio / Video Streaming FLV












(On Demand)











Nelly Moser





Server Side AS2 Java Java
Multi Client/ Multi Protocol Streaming Flash (RTMP / HTTP)

iPhone/iPad (HTTP Streaming)

Flash (RTMP)

iPhone/iPad (HTTP Streaming)

Silverlight (Smooth Streaming)

QucikTime/3GPP (RTSP/RTP)


Flash (RTMP)
Recording H.264/AAC to FLV container


H.264/AAC to FLV container

H.264/AAC to MP4 (Quicktime) container

FLV Only
Inbound Live Encoder Support RTMP (Flash & H.264/AAC) RTMP (Flash & H.264/AAC)


(H.264/AAC: unicast, multicast, TCP, UDP)

ICY (MP3/AAC: SHOUTcast/ icecast)

Kaltura Video Platform

How to install 2 different Kaltura Video Platform on same server?

1. Community Edition v5.0.0 eagle-10-02
2. Community Edition v4.0.0

Goto kalturaCE_v5.0.0 if kalturaCE_v4.0.0 already installed

Rename old databases to prefix _4 like kaltura_4

# php install.php
Thank you for installing Kaltura Video Platform – Community Edition

A previous installation attempt has been detected, do you want to use the input you provided during you last installation? (Y/n)
> n

In order to improve Kaltura Community Edition, we would like your permission to send system data to Kaltura.
This information will be used exclusively for improving our software and our service quality. I agree (Y/n)
> Y

If you wish, please provide your email address so that we can offer you future assistance (leave empty to pass)

Please provide the following information:

The following apachectl script has been detected: /usr/sbin/apachectl. Do you want to use this script to run your Kaltura application? Leave empty to use or provide a pathname to an alternative apachectl script on your server.

The following PHP binary has been detected: /usr/bin/php. Do you want to use this script to run your Kaltura application? Leave empty to use or pr ovide a pathname to an alternative PHP binary on your server.

Full target directory path for Kaltura application (leave empty for /opt/kaltura)
> /var/www/html/kaltura

Please enter the domain name/virtual hostname that will be used for the Kaltura server (without http://)

Your primary system administrator email address

The password you want to set for your primary administrator
> password

Database host (leave empty for ‘localhost’)

Database port (leave empty for ‘3306’)

Database username (with create & write privileges)
> root

Database password (leave empty for no password)
> password

The URL to your xymon/hobbit monitoring location. Xymon is an optional installation. Leave empty to set manually later

Verifing prerequisites

Checking for leftovers from a previous installation
Target directory /var/www/html/kaltura already exists

Leftovers from a previouse Kaltura installation have been detected. In order to continue with the current installation these leftovers must be rem oved. Do you wish to remove them now? (y/N)
> Y

killing sphinx daemon if running
sh: /var/www/html/kaltura/app/plugins/sphinx_search/scripts/ No such file or directory
Stopping sphinx if running
Stopping the batch manager if running
Deleting /var/www/html/kaltura

Installation is now ready to begin. Start installation now? (Y/n)
> Y

Copying application files to /var/www/html/kaltura
current working dir is /var/www/html
Copying binaries for linux 64bit
Replacing configuration tokens in files
Changing permissions of directories and files
Creating and initializing ‘kaltura’ database
Creating and initializing ‘kaltura_sphinx_log’ database
Creating data warehouse
Creating Dynamic Enums
Configure sphinx
Populate sphinx tables
Changing permissions of directories and files
Creating system symbolic links
Deploying uiconfs in order to configure the application
Creating the uninstaller
Running the generate script
Running the batch manager
Running the sphinx search deamon
Executing sphinx dameon
Executing in background nohup /var/www/html/kaltura/app/plugins/sphinx_search/scripts/
sh: /opt/kaltura/log/instlBkgrndRun.log: No such file or directory
Executing in background chkconfig on
sh: /opt/kaltura/log/instlBkgrndRun.log: No such file or directory
Changing permissions of directories and files
Post installation email cannot be sent

Installation Completed Successfully.
Your Kaltura Admin Console credentials:
System Admin user:
System Admin password: password

Please keep this information for future use.

To start using Kaltura, please complete the following steps:
1. Add the following line to your /etc/hosts file:
2. Add the following line to your Apache configurations file (Usually called httpd.conf or apache2.conf):
Include /var/www/html/kaltura/app/configurations/apache/my_kaltura.conf
3. Restart apache
4. Browse to your Kaltura start page at:

Full installation will create new database …

1. kaltura
2. kalturadw
3. kalturalog
4. kaltura_stats
5. kalturadw_ds
6. kalturadw_bisources

Now you need to manage which database is for v4.0.0 and other for v5.0.0

You can edit database config files here “(/var/www/html/kaltura/app/alpha/config)”

1. kConfLocal.php
2. databases.yml

Use the Preview & Embed feature within KMC to embed Kaltura Media Players on your website.

Find Kaltura Extensions here

Red5 Recorder for WordPress

Red5 Recorder allows wordpress users to easily use Red5 Recorder Player on their website to record Video / Audio Streams.

End Screen that will show Try Again & Submit Button to get recorded Stream in FLV Format.

Get Self Hosted Red5 Recorder for WordPress

VideoWhisper in Drupal provides web based video communication software that can be installed and integrated on virtually any type of website.

VideoWhisper Live Streaming Integration in Drupal

VideoWhisper Live Streaming provides web based live video streaming:

Before installing this make sure all hosting requirements are met:

Install the RTMP application using these instructions:

Server Support for VideoWhisper

* Flash Media Interactive Server
* Red5 – Open Source Server
* Wowza Media Server

Install Red5 1.0 RC1 on CentOS Latest

Install RTMP server for Video Whisper

# cd /usr/local/red5/webapps
# wget
# unzip
# service red5 restart

Get Wowza Independent Consultant

Important Links for Drupal Video Live Stream Plugin

You need a cookie enabled browser!

Debug Video Whisper

This tries to connect to a VideoWhisper application located at the rtmp address provided. The domain that hosts this needs to have access permissions on that RTMP server.

Video Whisper Drupal Video Live Stream Plugin uses COOKIES for user authentications, Alternately supply User Information if you get cookie’s error 😉