Online Learning – Sharable Content Object Reference Model

E-Learning is a great way to spread knowledge in university, company or any other organization.

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based e-learning. It defines communications between client side content and a host system called the run-time environment, which is commonly supported by a learning management system.

There are various open source e-learning applications that can be installed easily…

Moodle is one of the most popular open source e-learning system. It is built with PHP & uses MySQL or PostgreSQL to store data. It has powerful course management features that covers creating lessons, assignments, quizes, documents, studnets, staff, reporting & more.

eFront is a complete e-learning software enables admins to create & manage lessons.

Dokeos offers course management features, Flash based videoconferencing, Powerpoint presentations can be imported and converted in to SCORM courses.

SCORM Cloud is our hosted SCORM player – so instead of using the one back in an LMS to launch a course, you can use ours from your Google domain. It will play your course, track the data and provide pretty reports right from the dashboard.

Claroline is an Open Source eLearning and eWorking platform allowing teachers to build effective online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities on the web. Translated into 35 languages, Claroline has a large worldwide users’ and developers’ community.

ILIAS 4 e-Learning – Discover the flexible and powerful open source learning management system!

Sakai – A vibrant community creating technology that enhances teaching, learning and research.

ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to develop and deliver online courses. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, develop custom themes to give ATutor a new look, and easily extend its functionality with feature modules. Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, easily import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online.

Fle3 is a web-based learning environment. To be more specific Fle3 is server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL).

LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities.

OLAT offers a flexible online course system along with extensive features to guarantee learning and teaching independent of time and place. It has been created especially for public institutions such as universities, academies or colleges, but it is also suitable for other businesses. – Joomla LMS that will turn your knowledge into dollars! Create an online course, university or school and make money while you sleep!

Joomla LMS – is an aggregate of e-learning tools compiling into a powerful learning management system for Joomla!. It is a fully functional eLearning platform with innovative training / testing options (self-assessments) and advanced conferencing applications. JoomlaLMS offers a wide range of useful online training features for teachers and learners.

Joomdle – Joomla + Moodle

Webinars –

BigBlueButton – BigBlueButton is a clean implementation of a web conferencing system that focuses on offering a simple user interface and an extensible platform for distance education.


DimDim – Easy, open, affordable collaboration for online meetings, eLearning, desktop sharing, training, distance education, webinar, free web meetings.


OpenMeetings is a free browser-based software that allows you to set up instantly a conference in the Web. You can use your microphone or webcam, share documents on a white board, share your screen or record meetings. It is available as hosted service or you download and install a package on your server with no limitations in usage or users.


We enable customers with advanced capabilities to manage Online Learning using above any web based tool. We can provide scheduling of Web Meetings, Logging, Tracking, Course Management, Staff / Student / Attendee / Host Management.

A teacher informs…
A good teacher explains…
A superior teacher demonstrates…
A Master inspires you by his being & learning happens….

Update Moodle Tracker Module

The Tracker module provides a light but full-featured issue and task tracker, a ticketing system if you will, in Moodle. It is an activity module which can be used to operate a helpdesk, as a support and coordination tool for Moodle administration, as a task and project management tool within courses, as a bug tracking tool, and so forth.

It allows configuring customized issue recollection records and can cascade across the Moodle Network or to another tracker instance for multilevel helpdesk.

Tracker Enhancement

Add elements like Date, simple Text Area, Label, Images…

Moodle Tracker

Moodle- Administration- Modules- Activities- Manage activities

CF101- Test tracker

CF101- Test tracker1

Tracker More Modules

Moodle – How to update timestamp on assignment/submissions.php

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides educators with tools such as resources, forums, quizzes, assignments, learning objects, surveys, polls, data collections, lessons, wikis and projects so that they can construct web-based courses about any topic and then invite students into those courses. Moodle has many management features such as groups, gradebooks, reports, custom roles, import/export/archiving, payments and integration with many other systems. Moodle is PHP software but it runs on nearly every platform and most kinds of database.

Here is the code to update timestamp on file, please check attached screenshot

Every thing is dependent in moodle…

We have to modify too many lines 🙂



$output.= 'opener.document.getElementById("withAltTime-Teacher-'.$submission->userid.'").value="'.strftime("%A, %d %B %Y", $submission->timemarked)."\";\n"; 
$output.= 'opener.document.getElementById("withAltTime-Teacher-'.$submission->userid.'-alt'.'").value="'.userdate($submission->timemarked, "%I:%M %p")."\";\n";


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